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You can now buy the No-thanks cards separately. They are the same size as the BOTALKS CARDS and there is room for them in the box.

It is important for children, young people and adults to be able to say no, but it can be said in many different ways. Bos No thanks cards are a way to practice saying no. The no thanks cards can be used precisely to mark and mark your boundaries. If our boundaries are crossed and we don't get to say no, we can easily come to tolerate,
do and say things we will later regret. Therefore, it is important that we experience our limits.

You can try out the No-Thanks cards before you start. Here you can come up with suitable suggestions for something the other players might want to answer, for example: "What do you like to eat?", and then ask if they want to answer or use a No-thanks card. The next question is one that you expect the other players don't want to answer, for example: "What
is the most embarrassing thing you have experienced?”, and then ask if they want to answer or use a No-thanks card.

You can also talk about which No-thanks cards you like and which you don't like so much. It can also make for good conversations to ask: "Do you know someone who says no in one of the ways shown on the cards?"

In the same way as the BOTALKS CARDS, the No-Thanks cards have symbols so that they fit together, two and two and four and four, so it is possible to play the same games with them as with the BOTALKS CARDS.

No-thanks cards 12 pcs.

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