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What is FACE: IT BO?

Face-it is a pedagogical and therapeutic material, which is created in a collaboration between Niels Rahbek, artist and Carsten Møller, teacher and therapist. 

The face has removable magnets so that different facial expressions can be made. The face has proven to be a great help in working with children and others who may have difficulty expressing themselves emotionally. We have christened the face "Bo".


Do you experience children who have difficulty reading other children and adults?

That the dialogue with some children is stranded due to the children's inability to express thoughts and feelings?

That challenge was the reason why we developed Face-it, which is a whole new and simple way you can reach the child and get the dialogue started.


  • Used for emotional mirroring

  • Used to express emotions

  • Initiate a change of emotions

  • Help to create awareness about and experiences with the variability of emotions

  • Used in conversations and work with individual children and in group contexts.

  • Used to express what is sometimes difficult to say in words.

  • Help children become better at reading others.

  • Help to externalize emotions that can be difficult to contain.

A dynamic and vibrant material

Find ideas and experiences on our Facebook, and feel free to share your own.

If you have questions, suggestions for improvements or want us to come and make a presentation on how Face-it can be used, please contact us. 


In the spring of 2013, Bo was created. The inspiration came from one of the large round Legoplasty heads that can be used for storage. A couple of these heads had Carsten standing in the window Lego room at Sødalskolen.

Every day when the school children passed the window, their attention was caught by the heads, which they also greeted and moved on when they visited the Lego room. Niels and Carsten talked about how to make the facial expressions more flexible, for example with magnets or something else, and in this connection the idea of the flat face with the flexible facial expressions was created. Niels made some copies of the head and Carsten tried them on with both children and adults. And that with really good results and encouragement to make more heads, as several adults themselves would like to use the head.

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