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Professional Lighthouse in Emotions with FACE:IT

Some of the things FACE:IT can be used for are:

  • to express and process sensations, feelings and thoughts
  • to express what may be difficult to put into words
  • the difficult conversation, training in empathy and conflict resolution

When you register with your name and address, we send a FACE:IT and a set of BOSNACK CARDS to you, which you will use in the learning process. We will meet online on May 9 and here you will be introduced to FACE: IT, emotional mirroring and theory of emotions. In the following weeks, you will be able to test FACE:IT and gather experiences until we meet again.

The second time we meet, there will be a focus on universal basic emotions and we will look a little at Paul Ekman's research into emotions. There will be many practical examples of use and you must at home produce your own small films either by yourself or together with children. 

The third time we meet again to gather experience and how you can continue to work with FACE:IT in your daily life. We focus on how emotions arise. We will also talk about BOSNACK CARDS and what options they have.

We will meet for the 4th and last time in September, where you will present a case about how you have used FACE:IT. There will be further immersion in use, including child talks and how to work with grief. See the mourning material dabomistedesinfar  

Time: 4 afternoons: Tuesday 10/1, 7/2, 7/3 and 11/4. Every day from 12.30-3pm on Zoom.

The teaching will be recorded, so if you are prevented once or need to have something rehearsed, you can do it in replay. All materials and videos will be on an educational platform, so you can access it when it suits you.  If it's a hassle or you're unsure about online meetings, we're happy to help.

Price: The learning course of 10 hours costs DKK 2560 plus VAT and includes FACE:IT for 499 and a set of BOSNACK CARDS for 499. 

After completing the course, you will receive a learning certificate.

Target group: teachers in primary and middle school, pedagogues, AKT teachers, teachers and pedagogues in special services, teachers in reception classes, employees in PPR, family therapists, health nurses, social workers, psychologists and therapists, ergo and physiotherapists - everyone who works with children.

Hear family counsellor, Gitte Jensen talk about the process here:

Hear special class teacher Susie Nielsen talk about the process here:

 See more about FACE:IT at as well as

Professional Lighthouse in Emotions with FACE:IT afternoons January-April 2023

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