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The Bo Box consists of a FACE: IT, a mirror and the book "Bo shows his feelings", all three parts packed in a nice and practical box.


Bo Boxen  is an educational tool for adults working with children's emotional development. It is relevant for children from the age of 3, as well as their parents and educators. The book  Bo shows his feelings  provides guidance in, and inspiration for, how adults can talk to children about emotions and thus help children understand their own and others' emotions. The material is easy to go to and fun for the kids to sit with, as they can move around the magnets themselves. In this way, they have an easier time maintaining concentration than if you just talk to the child or read aloud. The material is targeted at 3-10 year olds, but can be used to advantage for slightly older children, eg children with special challenges, such as children with socio-emotional difficulties. It could be children with ADHD or autism. It can also be less gifted children whose vocabulary around emotions is not very well developed. Here, even somewhat older children can benefit from the material. The Bo Box can also be used as an entry point for difficult conversations if, for example, something has happened on the playground, at school or at home that the child cannot or will not talk about. In addition, the material can be used to advantage in groups of children in day care institutions or in schooling, when work is generally done with well-being and social skills.


From the preface by Ina Victoria Haller

Bo Boxen

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