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On each of your fingers several meridians run, which are connected to the whole body.
By rolling the acupressure ring up and down the fingers, the energy points of the meridians are affected and activated.



  • THUMB (earth element – stomach and spleen meridian)
  • Headache, lungs, Throat, neck, stomach, intestines...
  • INDEX FINGER (metal element – lung and colon meridians)
  • Bronchitis, airways, colon, allergy, skin, wrists….
  • LONGFINGER (Fire element – circulation, heart and small intestine meridians)
  • Nerves, blood pressure, elbow, back….
  • RING FINGER (wood element – liver and gall bladder meridian)
  • Fatigue, circulation, stress, connective tissue, tendons, muscles...
  • LITTLE FINGER (Water element – Kidney and bladder meridian)
  • Back, restlessness in the body, blood pressure, knees, ankles, kidney, hair...


The acupressure ring is also recommended for children who have restlessness in their bodies.
The brain senses the fingers, which stimulates calmness, presence and relaxation.
It promotes the ability to concentrate and thus facilitates learning.
Also used in psychiatry for both children and adults,
as a strategy to get a little more calm in the body,
and as a diversion in case of overwhelming thoughts or anxiety.


If you have tension in your neck, shoulders or forearms, the ring is great to use.
There is also a good effect for swollen fingers. In general, you stimulate the connective tissue,
the musculature and not least the circulation in the fingers.


Easy to carry in your pocket, so you have it with you if, for example, you're sitting at a meeting where you have to stay seated, but are motor restless and want to get up instead.

Acupressure ring (adjustment ring)

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