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The poster shows the 16 different emotions to look forward to. The feelings can be scaled so that you can talk about how intense the different feelings of joy are.

The poster is inspired by Paul Ekman's research on joy and can be good for talking with children about the different ways to be happy. It is also very useful if there are children who find it all tedious. Then you can look through the emotions and see if there should be just one of them that the child thinks is present. Not because it must not be boring, but it can be good to notice that there is also something that is pleasing.


This version in A4 format is made of stronger material and a layered surface and a little explanation on the back. It can be wiped clean and can be put in your bag and taken with you wherever you need it.


The poster is also available in A2 and A3 format.

Feelings of joy A4 with explanation on the back

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