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5 Posters in A3 size for hanging and / or lamination

The feelings from Inner Inside - anger, sadness, fear, joy and disgust are described both with function, physical sensation and what can be good to do when you have that feeling. At the bottom of all posters there is a scale to assess the intensity of the feeling.

There are three worksheets to work with the 5 emotions. The headlines on the worksheets are “What do you notice in your body when you feel”, “What can you do when you feel” and “What makes you feel” and then come the 5 emotions. By working with the three areas, there will be an opportunity to understand and regulate oneself better. You can also find the worksheets here in the webshop.

5 posters with the emotions from Inner Inside in A3 size - Discount 20%

kr495.00 Regular Price
kr396.00Sale Price
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